Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Adelaide Here We Come!!

Its been ages since we have posted but we have been super busy behind the scenes. Adelaide LGS is coming up really quick. We have some awesome times planned for everyone that's booked and coming along.
 March 9th to 13th 2017

We are staying at the Adelaide Shores Resort, West Beach, South Australia
 If you want to join us leave a comment here and I'll send you the booking form.

Most guests arrive Thursday night (March 9th 2017) if possible to get ready for early start Friday. Join with friends or come and join with some new to meet friends. We have a drinks get together usually in our cabin/room/ and do our badge swap which we make to wear on our travels.

 On the Friday (March 10th 2017)we are doing our annual Bus trip. #1  Quilt shop hop and a visit to Historical Hahndorf where you can wander the streets filled with shops and Cafe's, grab some lunch with friends. The wonderful Quilt shops we visit around Adelaide have been specially picked for you to browse and enjoy.

Friday night we will be having our Games night in the Garden View room where we let our hair down and play silly girly laugh yourselves crazy. Its so much fun...we have Pizza and Dessert, our swap meet and also lots fun. A definite to enjoy. 

Saturday (March 11th 2017) we are going on another Bus Trip#2. Travelling to the Barossa Valley where we visit Maggie Beer's Farm and participate in her fabulous cooking class. You will receive a goody bag from Maggie's range of gourmet essentials which we would have tasted at the cooking class.
We will travel to a winery near Maggies farm in the delightful Barossa. Then onto a Quilt shop and the tourist attraction 'The Whispering Wall' then travel back to the resort.
 The buses are air conditioned coaches and very comfortable.

 Saturday Night we are planning a dinner, atm it will be in Glenelg but possibly at the resort due to logistics and trying to keep the costs down of hiring another bus to transport everyone. We will advice closer to the time what we have decided.

 Sunday (March 12th 2017) is the Big Annual Stitching Day. The designers will present to you their designs with secret designers planned to showcase their designs too. You will receive a Goody Box filled with 7 stitching/quilting designs, gift and surprises. All in our theme this nest year is 'Christmas'.
 Lunch is included along with morning and afternoon teas. Its a Buffet lunch with many options for Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Paleo. Coffee and Tea, Herbal Tea, Water and Juice are provided too.
 Sunday Night we usually unwind with each other grabbing Fish and Chips/takeaway, chatting and planning to see each other again next year.

Monday(March 13th 2017) most of us are saying our goodbyes for the year and jet setting home to be with our families, with plans to meet up again in another state
Want to join us in Adelaide... Leave a comment and we will get a booking form to you.

Happy Stitching
'The Nutters'

Monday, March 30, 2015

Booking Form

The Booking Form for Let's Get Stitched in Hobart has now been released.
We hope you can join us for 4 days of FUN !
Dawn, Joy, Fee and Vicki

Monday, March 9, 2015

Let's Get Stitched 2016

Let's Get Stitched for 2016 has been announced and will be held in HOBART.  The dates are 11th, 12th and 13th March 2016.  Guests should arrive before 7pm on Thursday night so that they can attend the welcome drinks.  The stitching day is held on the last day 13th March.

The Group Discount Code for the accommodation will be shared very soon so please do not book before the code is released.

The early information booklet can be downloaded HERE more details will be released in the next few weeks with bookings opening on the 1st July 2015 and closing on 17th January 2016.

We hope you can join us for another fabulous weekend.


Dawn, Fee, Joy & Vicki

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Let's Get Stitched in Brisbane 2015

It's nearly here....
are you coming to our event on March 6th - 9th 2015?
Us 'Nutters' -
and Vicki
 are all very excited about it all and cannot wait to meet up with you all again and of course all the new ones who are coming for the first time.
We have lots planned for the whole weekend and you are sure to have a fantastic time.
If you want to come, there is still 3 days to book in...registrations close on January 31st 2015.
Contact either one of us and we will steer you in the right direction to register.
We are having a

    Bus Tour on the Friday and on Friday night a Pizza & Games night.

Saturday is a Let's Get Stitched dinner with everyone
and on
Sunday the Let's Get Stitched Stitching Day is 'the' day where you all get gorgeous new patterns to play with and enjoy stitching the day away with all your friends and new are bound to make new ones and have loads of fun and laughter too. 
Are you coming to Brisbane for the Let's Get Stitched event? 
Can't wait to see you there. 
Hugs to all
Joy, Fee, Dawn and Vicki 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Announcing Melbourne 2014!

Details of Lets Get Stitched 2014 in Melbourne
 have now been released but first some history.

4 On-line stitching friends met up for the first time on the long weekend in March 2011 in Brisbane.  Joy Coey from Brisbane, Dawn Hay from Adelaide, Vicki Tucek from Melbourne & Fiona Ransley from Hobart. 
It took a lot of courage to hop on the plane and meet 3 perfect strangers.  None of us had ever met but from the very start we became sisters of firm friendship.  On that weekend we had a blogger meet up and lots of ladies turned up to meet with us.  It was a lovely day and from that day an idea grew.  Why don’t we do this every year?  So “Let’s Get Stitched” was born. 
The idea was to invite other stitchy ladies who were seeking friendship, fun and stitching to join us and make it a long weekend to remember. 
So in 2012 we again gathered together with some like minded girls and all converged in Hobart  hosted by Fee.  We had a wonderful time exploring local Quilt Shops on a Bus Tour, Strolling around Salamanca Market and Visiting the Cadbury Factory.  We enjoyed Wining & Dining and had a full teaching day before everyone left to go home.   
2013 saw us in the beautiful city of churches “Adelaide” for another successful long weekend hosted by Dawn.  We had lots of new girls who are now firm “Let’s Get Stitched” inductees.  I am sure that the Adelaide Shores resort  have never heard such a commotion as our annual games night on the Friday night.  This night is legendary now and a firm favourite of our attendees.
So 2014 brings us to the lovely city of Melbourne where we will be hosting you from the lovely Rydges at Preston.  We have lots of surprises in store and an action packed weekend planned once again.
You have the choice of joining as many of the functions as you wish – You might like to come to all of the events or you might like to just attend the Stitching Day on Sunday 9th March 2014.  The choice is yours.
One word of warning.  If you are after a long weekend completely filled with stitching and teaching then this is not the weekend for you.
If you are after Fun, Friendship, Frivolity. Shopping & a bit of stitching then we can offer you one of the best weekends you will ever have. 
 Melbourne information booklet can be downloaded HERE.
Be sure to book in early as numbers are limited.
 Here is the booking form to download!
 Everything is in these documents to download
if you have any questions leave a comment or 
email any of us from our personal blogs.

 Don't forget to also book your accomodation
(early bird specials are available at Rydges- Preston from now 24th August 2014)
 and book your flights early too.

 We sure hope you can join us as
 it is a fun filled weekend.

Hugs from The Lets Get Stitched team!
 x x x x x x

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Surprise Flower brooch...

Mail will be recieved today by many of the girls
 coming to Adelaide for Let's Get Stitched 2013!
 You may hve received your little parcel
 and wondered why?
As many are flying in to Adelaide and trying to co-ordinate
plane flights and meeting spots....
 Fee an I chatted about what to do and thought
 Ah ha... a little brooch to wear when you arrive
 (on the plane too if you want)
That way you will recognize each other by your brooch...
 we all have the same petals, 
just add your own little suffolk puff or two and a button to make it you!
 Below is the tutorial to make it.

 Above is the pack you would have received....
Some of you may have 6 circles some 5.
 Cut your self one or two suffolk puffs and pick out a button..
 Fold the circles in half and press.

 Fold again and then press so they are in quarters.

Thread a needle with thread and start sewing along the cut edge.
dod a double stitch to hold it in place.

 Stitch along to gather up and add a double stitch again at the other end.
 Your petal will take shape now.

Add the next petal and repeat with double knot, gather, double knot.

Sew all the petals together in a circle,
 With the felt cut a circle out  and place behind the petals. 

  Hot glue in place.

 Place your choice of fabric suffolk puff 
on top of the petals, hot glue in place.

  Place a second smaller suffolk puff in place.

 Then hot glue a button of choice on the top suffolk puff.

Sew the safety pin to the back of the felt circle.

 Using a scrap of felt cut a small peice of
 felt to cover the stitching on the safety pin.
 Hot glue in place.

 This is now ready to wear when you arrive in Adelaide...
Just so we can recognise each other...

 This little brooch (a little diffrent to my one)
will be winging its way to our sewing friend who
unfortunately can't make this years
 'Let's Get Stitched' Adelaide.... look out for the mailman Melody!

 Just saying if your NOT wearing your little brooch when you arrive
 you may be doing a little jig for us all on Friday night Games night.
 ha ha x x x

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Beginning to get exciting!

We are getting excited about Stitching in Adelaide and there are quite a few who are coming to the weekend away.
One of the things that is going to happen is everyone will get a new designed pattern from each of the designers
I am excited to give you a sneak peek at my pattern that I will have for you all who come on the Sunday for the Stitching day.
If you like stitching and piecing then you will love this pattern. I think its adorable and can't wait to share it with you all.
Have you noticed a part on the blog where you can put your email address in and every time a blog post has been put up it will go to your email and you wont miss a post. Also you can follow the blog too by adding your name in the Followers box.
Use the Paypal buttons on the right hand side to pay your deposit for the Stitching Day and also the Accomadation. Dawn will keep tabs on this and will be sending out invoices soon.
So looking forward to our weekend in Adelaide.
hugs to all...